Thats a good combo for fishing the Big Hole. Big enough to keep the traffic down, small enough that there is still some soft water here and there. Some years you can fish right through run-off, and others you cant. We are lucky around here, at least these days. The river looks great, and is fishing fine. You might have to adjust your tactics and tackle a bit - but the fish are on the prowl, that is for sure! Thanks to Brian Grossenbacher for tagging along and getting some great action shots.
What were they biting on you ask?

Streamers, worms, soft hackles, princes, anything that was 3 feet under water and moving a little bit seemed to do the trick. Specific patterns? You are going to have to swing into the shop for that one!

Look for the fishing to be a bit "hit and miss" over the next few weeks. When you hit it - you might leave the light leaders at home, as the water is fast and the fish are fatter than I have seen in some time. All this water is turning out to be a good thing for the fish - imagine that.

Thanks for reading - see you on the water.


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