More bad news from the world of bird dogs and sportsmen. One of my greatest influences emailed this morning and informed me of the loss of his bird dog. You could actually pin Roger Whitaker as the man that taught me to flyfish. Along with flyfishing, he taught me the finer points of trapping - and with my grandfather at his side, informed me that I wasn't allowed to join the Marine Corps.

Roger, like the rest of our family, grew up with Golden Retrievers on the trapline - his first labrador - "Lucy" was one of our herd's pups, and he picked her up at our wedding 5 years ago. I have enjoyed his reports over the last 5 years of Lucy's abilities in the field and on the rivers of New England.

It is with a heavy heart that I informed Dayna of this piece of bad news. I think it was Roy Rogers that said "I am not sure if good dogs go to heaven or not - but if they don't - I want to go where they do when my time is up."

I couldnt agree more.

Here are a few words from Rogers email - well said if I do say so myself. "

"She was the best dog a man could ever have had. With well over 200 birds to my hand in 5 hunting seasons. She wasn’t a bird dog she was a bird vacuum cleaner. When fishing she would just sit on a rock next to me for hours and watch me fish never jumping in to the pool and screwing up the fishing. She once put herself between me and a big black bear and held our ground and then treed the bear.. She also got between me and some trout poaching redneck trash when we caught them poaching trout in the catch and release section of the Sugar River, turning in to a Pit Bull she sent them packing.. She is missed."

I think I will grab old Willie, Lucy's brother - and go have a game of fetch.


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