It's currently transition time - while that may not mean much to some, it means a bunch to our local trout population. Now is the time between our major mayfly hatches and the terrestrial season. There are a few Trico's around, and in some cases just enough to get the fish looking up. The next week to ten days should bring clouds of Trico's in the mornings and with any luck a few Spruce Moths on the upper Big Hole..... For the most part however, our summer stones have waned, the Yellow Sallies on the Beaverhead have petered out and the fishing can be a bit tough if your "strategery" isn't up to snuff. There are a few adjustments you can make as a guide to make a good day out of relatively slow fishing. Get up early, stay late, no big secrets there - but providing a real time opportunity for anglers to hook trout can really test your skillset. Think outside the box - other insects, "opportunistic" meals for seemingly uninterested trout like cranefly larvae, leeches, crayfish and sculpins can turn a slow day into a productive one.

As far as a fishing report and forecast - we are sitting at very reasonable flows for this time of year. It seems they have stabilized, and a worst case scenario at this point would be the possibility of temperature based "hoot owl" closures on the Big Hole and Jefferson. This means the rivers are closed to fishing at 2 pm until midnight. Having fished and worked through these types of closures before - I can tell you they are really no big deal. We tend to start our day of fishing earlier when the air and water temps in the afternoon reach dangerous levels to the fish, and fishermen. Its going to take a pretty stout heat wave to get us there at this point anyhow - and I'll be surprised to see it happen.

That's the doom and gloom report. Its not real gloomy - just reality. It's going to get hot. With the heat comes good to excellent hopper fishing, and we all know big fish like big floating snacks. Like this one.


Sorry for the lack of reading material. Its summer in Montana, and we are busy. Life is good.
See you when you get here.

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