What is it about the week before you head out on a trip that has you paranoid about sniffling children and public bathrooms? Three days prior to my trip when my soon-to-be sister in-law gawked with her eyes in complete disbelief as I wiped down her two year old son with sterile wipes before sharing a bag of M&M's... I realized this trip needed to come sooner than later. I headed out for La Paz, Mexico for a late May salt trip with roosterfish as a target species. The most attractive part of fishing the Sea of Cortez is the mixed bag species you can find on any given day. You'll be cruising along in a panga looking for birds, nervous water, bait busting, and on any given sign of aquatic life you can expect shots at roosters, dorado, bonita, jack crevalle, spanish mackerel, and even billfish! Each morning we'd depart the beaches at sunrise and head straight for locations that held baitfish like baby ballyhoo and sardina. Our captains would throw casting nets to bait balls while slamming their heels down to spook the bait into a instinctive defense mode to tighten the school together, the naive schools of sardina never seemed to learn our trick as net after net would produce all the day's bait for teasing up our target species. The action was hot and the bite was fierce leaving my Cliff's Bugger Barn looking like a bomb went off in it! By the end of the trip, every expectation of what I'd ever made up in my mind prior to my departure was blown out of the water. We caught fish, we missed fish, we laughed our asses off the whole time... can you think of anything else you can ask for in a fishing trip with good friends? If you fish enough, you'll have your expectations thrown in the dirt some days and every level in between on others... but when you get the perfect combination of uncontrollable events, it's like you can do nothing wrong in messing up it's magic and you can't imagine trying to make it better.

We all share this endless pursuit together, I'm happy to share some of the road that takes us there.

If your looking for details on Baja and potentially making a trip there yourself, look me up here at the Stonefly Inn or stop by this summer to spend some time fishing great water while talking of other great waters.

Thanks for reading,

Brett Seng

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