Cool weather and fewer rainstorms have the Big Hole on the drop. Water temps are staying on the cool side, so dont expect a big push of Stoneflies to happen any day soon. Maybe in a week. That is if it doesnt start raining again, or get too hot. Boy are we fishermen a fickle bunch - seems like we always have an excuse.

The good news is the river is clearing pretty quickly, and people are fishing it. I dont think the fishing is red hot, but it beats sitting in the shop! Willow and I did a bit of recon yesterday, and caught enough fish to keep it interesting. Mostly pulling streamers, and of course a few on the worm. Here is a shot of the flow under Browne's Bridge, just downstream of Melrose. I was able to get under the bridge on the far river right side, but unless you are pretty good on the sticks, I would wait just a bit longer. If you are floating the river, or planning on floating the river, PLEASE use caution. Keep your lifejackets OUT, not under the seat. Or, try wearing one for a change. It only takes a second and you can be in serious trouble. Hydraulics are pretty tricky, and until you have been upside down in them, it's hard to understand the magnitude of a bad situation!

In about a week, this river is going to be as good as it gets - that is if the weather stays mild.

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