So... Blogging isn't one of my strong points and anyone who tried to follow my attempt to blog my winter's patagonian guide expedition will already know that. Sometimes the day's run from one to the next and we as guides get caught up in the string of weeks we spend on the water with the big fireball in the sky raining down on us with an overdose of UV and Vitamin D. We refer to it around here as being "sun-drunk" and this guy's hammered! Sometimes though, with the right combination of guide, client, trout activity, attitude and weather all things in the past or future seem irrelevant to the presence and you define the term "living in the moment". I experienced this with a recent particular group of southern gentlemen out on their first Montana fly fishing experience. It was meant to be one of several bachelor trips but every man who reads this knows it's a lame excuse to just get another dose of "man" time in with the friends we care most for and from my very first impression of this group you could just tell these guys were a tight-knit bunch with lots of great memories and experience only the few get to share so often together. You couldn't help but be a little jealous. The youngest of the group, a Texan by the name of Burton approached me the night before their second day on the water... "who's the fella they call Hollywood?" Joe Willauer and looked at each other and answered with an index finger pointing at one another... "he is!" After confessing my identity and the general introduction Burton informed me that he'd be sharing his second and last day with his best friend's father, as much his own father, and that they'd like to fish water that was technical, challenging, and with the right cast held a chance at something with trophy-class potential. Burton had blatantly expressed his understanding of potential failure to preform and I quote "one fish, one cast" being stated giving me the golden ticket out of any excuses for how the day could go down.

Now, if you've been here before and seen some of our waters, they all have, at times, the capabilities to express this particular request whether you ask for it or not, but the down right truth of it is you couldn't possibly see all of our waters and we ALWAYS have something a little more technical and challenging as an option. So I spoke with Rooster and we decided if they wanted to make such a request we had just the right spot for the occasion, a spring creek off the Jefferson we have sole rights to fish for those who can endure pain and humbleness in every aspect of selective trout. The next morning starts out like every other, coffee, more coffee, relieve coffee, and... a little more coffee. Caffeine in fifth gear, spring creek flies in a clear hockey puck, a case of Coors Light and a great attitude.... loaded for bear and off we went! Burton, Mr. Jimmy Nugent (a.k.a. Big Chief), and yours truly were off to the river with enough cold beer by God we were going to catch a good buzz or sunburn if we couldn't catch a good trout by the end of this day. With temperatures reaching the high 80's I knew I had until around noon, maybe 1:30 at the latest to make some southern dreams come true. First stop was at the entrance culvert, trout heads dimpled the entire run... trico spinner fall. After building Burton a 1,304 foot leader... barely long enough to get a potential eat, I looked at him with that look I've given a thousand times "don't fuck it up..." well... Burton rose three in a dozen casts, pinning up one for a jump and a kiss goodbye. In this spot, that equals success cubed. The day started off with success, great charisma, and laughter and with every trout we rose to tricos, morrish hoppers/droppers, damselflies, and as the sun rose higher and higher it begun to build an amount of energy between these two good old boys that morning I was positive I was going to witness firsthand the folklore of spontaneous human combustion happen right before my eyes. When Big Chief spoke we listened, he has more stories than Huck Finn. When Big Chief hooked up, he'd sing an old Hank Williams era song that always was different and seemed to be the perfect verse for the moment.

Both Burton and Big Chief would yell "Boom, Boom, Boom!".... which I soon translated as "get over here with that f#%kin' net Hollywood!" We took a long break after lunch, longer than usual, just to relax and enjoy the scenery and company of each other, I thought I was going to have to tie them down to the ground. Each day of fishing is original and unique in every angler's mind, great fishing has it's moments, but a shared memory between two good friends in the essence of their own picture of paradise will forever be remembered and I was lucky enough to witness Burton and Big Chief in the essence of what great memories are made of.

Thanks for reading.

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