That about does it for steelhead season. It's been four months, about a thousand flies, a blown up knee (late in the game), a cracked tooth, 7 or 8 fly rods - maybe 9, a reel that the handle fell off, two fly lines wrapped on rocks, a good dose of the flu, several thousand miles, somewhere around 25 or 30 different rivers and now here I am back in the fly shop. It's almost like it never happened - until I started going through my photos. By the way - that fish up top is my best friend Travis's best steelhead in a looong time. Pretty cool being there to land it for him.
Montana will be fun again this summer, and I wouldnt trade summer in Montana for anything - but damn I can't wait to chase steelhead again next spring. It's time to swap out the gear and start spending a little time on the Big Hole, Beaverhead, Jefferson and Madison rivers chasing brown trout and sunburns. I am looking forward to helping my daughter McCall refine her tactics a bit as well as the first couple dinners in the Roost! Stay tuned for weekly - or even more frequent photos and reports as summer kicks into high gear.
Until then - enjoy a few photos from Steelhead Country!
Hiking through the Tongass National Forest


Bear Scratchin Post


10,000 year old cocktail ice


Crab Night


Barn Door


Steelhead on the fly for Sean McCullough! Aint too many of those in Calgary.


Until next time - keep casting!

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