Back in Montana, and it feels great. The bench grasses are greening up, there is a touch of run-off in the rivers and it certainly feels like spring. I am sure if you were on the river at the right time, in the right place you would even hear a Turkey gobble. From the looks of my San Juan worm bins in the shop, the trout are hungry and with the dose of snow melt they have been eating the annalids that are being washed in the water column. Its a bit early for the Skwalas on the Big Hole , but its not going to be long - in fact I bet on this next drop we will see some activity. This in one of those hatches that timing is everything. If you hear about it, you probably missed it! Look for the tell tale signs that the hatch has started....


Snow pack in the mountains remains very healthy, and from the looks of the current weather is only going to get better. I feel pretty safe saying we shouldn't see any river closures this summer. Things can change however, so don't hold me to it.

We had a great season on the Olympic Peninsula, barring the 9 days in March that I sat and tied flies continuously. I really feel like I know how those folks in Thailand feel. I wonder if their tennis elbow tendons are as inflamed as mine. We caught some great fish, from sea-liced Chromers to Suckers and everything in between. I am looking forward to next season, and have just a few openings - so if you are interested get in touch with me soon! Here are a few of the highlights of fishing the Hoh, Sol Duc, Queets, Bogachiel and Calawah rivers out of Forks, WA.





And now it's off to Alaska to guide with Travis Peterson on the Adventurous. Lifetime friend and fishing buddy, he is always great to be around. It seems that he and I encourage each other and at the end of each season, rather than leaving exhausted and hungover (well, there is that) - I return to Montana with a charged battery and ready to put as much drive and enthusiasm into the Stonefly as Travis does to Alaska Charter Service. Also if you are interested in watching some spectacular footage of what we do in Alaska, make sure and check out Confluence films release of Waypoints. Available on ITunes and DVD - it's a 6 segment production that features 20 minutes of Southeast Alaska Steelheading with none other than myself and Travis.

Time to pack for Alaska. A couple of Simms Large Duffels, a Rod Tube, Laptop, and enough fly tying gear to tie whatever the fish decide they want to eat this season - oh and cant forget the camera. Meanwhile, Holly will keep the wheels on the wagon here at The Stonefly. The boys are all fishing hard and finding great fishing on the Madison and Big Hole. This will only continue other than the occasional cold front - which can throw a serious hiccup in a float, but as long as you prepare for it - it's actually quite enjoyable. The lack of crowds, the changing of the season, the hungry trout and just spring in Montana in general is about as good a reason as I need to get on the water.

Thanks for reading - stay tuned for more from up north!


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