Here is a new blog to keep an eye on. With some of the industry's foremost captains and guides contributing, like Stu Apte, Bob Clouser, Bruce Chard, the YDFA staff and others it is sure to have some worthwile reading for anyone. Feel free to submit an article or reccomendation of your own!

Whether you are planning a trip to the tropics, Alaska, or in your own back yard, there is no subsitute for doing a little research. This website whoudl and will assist many folks with their quest for the ultimate experience!

In other news - here in Montana we STILL dont have a new baby to send photos of, but any day now is the best guess! The snowpack, weather and chicken bones are all indicating that we are going to have another great season on the Big Hole, Beaverhead and Jefferson Rivers - so if you havent planned your trip yet, its time to get started!

Thanks for reading, see you on the water.


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