and easy fishing. Start out nymphing, maybe move some flies around in the shadows before the sun gets over the Tobacco Roots - and hopper up when you start hearing them clicking around on the riverbanks. Will you get dozens of eats? Some days. Will they all be huge browns? Probably not. Will you miss some? Yup. Will your guide holler at you for striking early? Probably. Will it be some of the best fishing of the summer? No question. Just ask Callie from Simms.
As for the crowds - you might have to go to The Bighorn if you want to see other anglers and guides. I havent seen another boat in over a week. The upper Beav is a ghost town, a crowded launch on the Big Hole is Jerry Creek with 5 or 6 other Moth chasers (damn good dry fly fishing by the way), and The Jefferson is as peaceful as a Montana river should be. Life is good in Twin Bridges.
Good that is, until you start kissing suckers.

better and better hopper fishing over the next couple weeks, but as cool as the nights are getting you can bet fall is not far away. Time to get the archery gear dusted off, find the food container in the storage unit (the one next to my wall tent and elk hunting gear) and make sure the mice didn't get into everything.....
Oh - and that wasn't a sucker bending Callie's rod like that.

Catch you later.

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