With the early fall weather, there are lots of changes happening in the environment these days. Seems like the elk, the fish, and the waterfowl are all starting to make some changes to their program!

We spent a couple days with some great guys from up in Fernie, BC - who are no strangers to big fish on streamers. The weather cooperated for the most part and we saw some great fish to the fly. Yesterday it didnt matter how you wanted to catch them, streamers, dries and nymphs were all very productive!

It seems like the same old tune around here for this season. Depending on the weather, which has been all over the map, you may have the day of days, or you may have to work for them a little bit!

Thats it on the rivers for me for a week - we are headed to the high country to chase Wapati around with sharp sticks and strings. Things around the Stonefly will still be business as usual, stop by if you are in town and check on Clint for me!

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