So, anyone want to get in on the Stonefly pool The winner will receive a $100 shop credit good for the rest of the summer. Post up your guess as a comment to be entered. The question is. when will the Salmonfly hatch kick in on the Big Hole? Will it be this week The water is awful cold still.... but the flows are right. Rumors of a few crawlers yesterday from below Glen, so it could be anytime this week if the weather holds.
My guess Wednesday is dry fly day. Ramp to ramp. If I win I am going to put $100 towards a new Yeti Cooler.

In other news, our expansion project is finished, tested, and proven. You can bet there are going to be some good stories told around this table....
In fishing news, the season is well underway, and the weather seems to have stabilized for the time being. We still only have half of my roof on - but it looks like we might have a crack at getting it finished this week. Like any other project, now we will be installing new ceilings in the living room and kitchen of my house, thanks to the rain.....
The shop is stocked, the rivers are in shape, and summer looks like it is here... see you on the river!
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