Montana is not currently burning up, the rivers are not dry, and the fish have not forgotten what a dry fly is. There is quite a bit of internet banter going on these days about water flows, draughts, fires, and of course politics. When you get right down to it, the fishing is actually pretty damn good right now, the rivers have great flows and fish are starting to eat hoppers. As a matter of fact, I am having a hard time finding anything to complain about. We had a week of rain, it put the fires out, bumped the rivers and turned our lawn bright green. Summer is here folks, it's a bit hot on occasion - but it's that hot weather that will "drive the hoppers to drink".

And they are coming. As of yesterday we had our best hoppper action yet. The droppers still get bit more frequently, stick with princes, yellow sallies, and micro mays and no matter what don't cut them off. Here's a hopper/dropper fish from yesterday.


The Beaverhead is still the most consistent fishing around, but on cloudy days the boys have been seeing some pretty good action on the Big Hole. It's that time of year to fish a little lighter tippet, and with all the fish looking up for Yellow Sallies and PMD's on the Beaverhead - you might even grab the 4 wt. Yesterday we fished the Scott F2 "Fibernoodle" and let em tell you that was fun! Great for light presentations, and it's accuracy made for several sore lipped trout for Tony.


Thats whats happening in Southwest Montana right now - hope to see you soon.


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