Thats right, we are going green. Don't worry, we won't be hugging trees and signing wolf protection petitions any time soon. We still firmly believe there is plenty of room on God's green earth for all of the animals...... right next to the mashed potatoes.

However we have FINALLY gotten away from the bottled water blues. No more truckloads of bottled water from Costco. Call it what you want, we are tired of all the half drank plastic water bottles in our garbage. Sick of remembering we needed to buy MORE water and paying 2 bucks a bottle at the gas station on the way to the river. We have heard it enough - from you - that the tap water in Twin Bridges should be bottled and sold.

Well, we aren't selling it. Just providing it in the finest stainless steel, re-usable, ice cold, bad ass water bottles on the market. The results from trial week are in, and ALL of our guests and guides agree - the water and concept work great. The bottles themselves keep the actual H2O colder than the plastic, fit in the cup holders on the boats better, and just generally make our lives easier - all the while cutting back on the plastic and essence of skunk water available on the shelves of your local gas station.

We'll have 'em in all the guide boats for the rest of the summer, and of course, for sale in the shop - right next to the Scott Fly Rods.

Fishing is great, and stands to only get even better. If you were just here - you got a pretty good taste of it. If you are coming next week, well, get ready.

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