Greetings from Twin Bridges, Montana. While we are in the throws of winter, my mind cant help but wander to the spring in Montana. All of this snow and ice will metamorphosis into trout water. Trout water that I will float in, read, and in some cases drink. (OK, just wash a bit of Copenhagen out of my mouth). Trout water that will provide so many memories and challenges not only for me, but for all of our guests.

So bring it on. Snow like you mean it. We are ready.

Looking forward to the New Year, we will be travelling most of the month of January, visiting 4 cities and attending The Fly Fishing Show in 3 of them. Stop by and see us in Marlboro, MA - Somerset, NJ and Winston/Salem, NC. I'll also be doing a presentation at the Cleveland Museum of Fly fishing on January 21st - catching up with Dan Pribanic of Chagrin River Outfitters and also a bit of steelheading with Jimmy Lampros while I am in the Buckeye State.

Reservations for 2015 are starting to fill in nicely, but do let us hear from you if you have some dates in mind.

And if your cold, and feeling a bit of cabin fever - maybe this photo will warm you up.

Here's to thinking of shorts, flip flops, Brown Trout on Dries - and as always - "More Casts and Less Tangles"......


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