Well, we are going to have to change the rules of the contest. I would have won, except the river blew out. We had a couple hours of pretty good dry fly fishing yesterday, and I brought McCall home her first live Salmonfly last night. We had some big plans for today, but mother nature had bigger ones. Wow has it rained in the last 12 hours! The Big Hole looks like it will double in size tonight, probably reaching flood stage. Who knows if the big bugs will surivive the increase in water It's still raining now, and Mr. Weather Man is calling for about 24 more hours of moisture before we see the sun again. I kind of think the "hatch" never really got started, so maybe on the next drop, we will see the magic happen. Stay tuned on that one - I would say all bets are off for now.

f the last few days were a sign of things to come, we have a lot to look forward to. Tyler and Emily made The Stonefly their belated honeymoon destination (sounds familiar doesn't it) and are enjoying their last day of fishing today on the Missouri - complements of the latest rain. In three days they have fished three different stretches of the Big Hole River, caught fish on dries, streamers and nymphs, chewed copenhagen together and shotgunned beers at lunch. Kind of made me jealous! The photo on the left is one of 6 doubles we had on the Big Hole before lunch just two days ago!

It wont be too long and we will be back on the Big Hole - but for now it will be the Beaverhead, The Missouri and a couple spring creeks to pass the time.

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