It is great to be back in Montana, where it appears summer has started without me. Man, the weather is nice here now! Good to great fishing reports have been streaming into the shop all day. So good in fact, that I made getting my skiff ready priority #1. Looks like tommorrow will be the first day on the water here in Montana for me, so with a bit of luck I will have some firsthand info to report Monday night.

Lots of calls and emails wanting to know how the Alaska trip went this year. Here is a quick photo sampler - as I have about a thousand to go through it may be a bit before I update the gallery. We had 3 great weeks of fishing, cruising, eating and a bit of wine tasting..... Stream flows up north were a little lower than normal, but we tweaked our techniques as needed and still had everyone into fish as the weeks went by. The crabbing and shrimping were off the charts this year, and one of the highlights was a huge male Orca that put on quite a show next to the Adventurous. With the lower stream flows, we were finding each river to have a hole or two that looked a bit like this one in the photo above on "Notellum Creek".

We also caught the tail end of the commercial king crab fishery in SE Alaska, so we were sure to have a few of these in the live tank for each trip. Along with the pots fullof spot prawns and dungeness crabs we sure ate well each night!

No steelhead trip is complete without a few grip and grins from up north... these are just a few fish that really stuck out in the old memory bank when I got home.

First, a super fresh fish that we sight fished to - she couldnt resist a big pink intruder! She swam 5 feet to eat it - Remember Eric - when they eat, do nothing! Eric was a bit of a guniea pig for us all week, as he has vast experience with the steelhead fisheries in and around the great lakes. Turns out some of those techniques are deadly up north!

Another fish that got our spirits up was this fish that one other than Bob Chadwell sight fished to, swinging an unbelieveably small marabou pattern. Great fish Bob!

More photos to come as I get things unravelled around here. The new lounge is almost complete, the cabins are about finished, and its getting pretty close to "Go Time" around here. Lookin forward to it myself....

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