Yesterday I was fortunate enough to throw a fly during the Big Hole River Stonefly Hatch - for the entire day. I am not sure if I have ever been able to do that, but I can tell you I will do it again. I was reminded why anglers will pay us to do something that most of us would do for free. It is REALLY fun. So much fun that I even tipped my guide, and he works for me.

Knowing I don't get the chance to fish very often, I wanted to make the most of it, and spooled up my Hatch #4 on my 6 wt Scott Radian with a hundred dollar fly line. Yup. A hundred bucks. Retail is $99.95 so I guess you could argue its a bit less than a hundred. Worth it? Try one and you decide. That's what I did yesterday - and I just got done spooling up my other 4 guide rods with the same line. I have never cast a line that was so manageable, memory free, and accurate at close range as well as the "long bomb". Sure I threw my share of bugs in the trees, but that's par for the course when the Big Hole is at 4000 cfs. Those trout are tight to the cover and demand accurate, timely casts. Not a problem if you are used to that sort of thing. I am used to sitting in the middle of the boat ridiculing errant casts..... So, did the new line help? Yup. No question. I am always a fan of a new flyline - sort of like a new pair of cowboy boots.

At any rate, here is the Scientific Angler official description of this new line. For more information, here is a link to their website.

The Development of the SharkWave
When we introduced the Sharkskin™ family of lines in 2007, they weren’t simply the latest in a long line of high-quality innovations. The Sharkskin created an entirely new category of product: textured fly lines. These lines, developed and manufactured at the Scientific Anglers facility in Midland, Michigan, represented one of the most interesting and groundbreaking evolutions in the history of fly line technology.

The benefits of the textured lines were numerous: increased surface area allowed the lines to sit higher in the water, offering less drag, easier mending, less water spray, and easier pick-ups; the micro-textured surface trapped air to provide increases in both shootability and flotation—all while decreasing friction; and the microreplicated pattern increased the durability of the lines, allowing them to last up to twice as long.

The accolades mounted. But we knew we could do better.

Using what we learned while developing the Sharkskin, we developed the Mastery
Textured series. These lines took the high points of the Sharkskin technology and combined them with the easy feel of traditional, smooth fly lines, resulting in a textured line that performs like the Sharkskin, but feels smoother to the touch.

Then something struck us: Let’s take the best parts of the Sharkskin, combine it with the
Mastery Textured series, and see what happens.

The result? Meet the SharkWave, the world’s first Triple-Textured and Triple-Colored fly line. Featuring Sharkskin texture on the tip section, Mastery Textured divots for the belly and running line, a smooth Tactile Reference Point at where the head meets the running line, SA•ID line identification, AST dry slick technology, Improved Dry Tip technology, and Streamlined Loops, the SharkWave is unlike any fly line we’ve ever produced.

It’s fishing. Friction-free.

Pretty good sales pitch if you ask me. One thing I consider when purchasing my flylines is the longevity of them. When I compared last years version of their textured lines to other manufacturers, it certainly was obvious that the textured lines floated better and required less cleaning than the others in my guide rig. I can speculate that this latest version of their textured line, while NOT as aggressive as Sharkskin (that is a good thing), will maintain buoyancy and less memory than the others. It's still pretty new, but at first glance I am a big fan.

Of course we sell them as well in our shop - feel free to call and we will send you one. For a hundred bucks. Heck I will even ship it to you for free. Or stop by your local shop, support 'em, and pick up a new line or two.

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