We clearly have been in the good graces of Mother Nature this summer. Over the last two weeks, we have NOT had a tornado, and the rivers have received a nice shot of water - keeping us far and above any dreaded river closures. As a result of said rain, the fish are exhibiting signs of delirium and over eating. While you may or may not fish hoppers "ramp to ramp" - odds are at some point during the day you will have some fish eat your terrestrial pattern. With a vengeance.

Dan Pribanic of Chagrin River Outfitters spent a week with us and had a great variety of dry fly fishing, as well as some great streamer action following a good shot of rain. Thanks Dan, looking forward to next season!


In other arenas, the Gulper fishing over on a few of our stillwaters has been nothing short of great. Daily hatches of Callibaetis and Tricos have had good pods of fish up "Gulping" from 9 or 10 until around 2 - or if the wind kicks up. If you haven't challenged yourself with some Gulper fishing, put it on your list.


Looking forward, with the amount of water in our rivers, my earlier forecast warning of river closures is a thing of the past. We have sustainable, or actually perfect flows in 4 of our 5 rivers, with the black sheep being the upper Beaverhead. Things are a little tricky up there now, with off colored water being released from the Dam and troublesome amounts of aquatic moss in the drift. I am guessing the cranefly action will start in the next week or so, and we may be able to fish around, or above, that annoying moss. So for now, it looks like I need to fill the vacancies in my streamer box, as it's still cloudy and forecasted to stay that way for a couple more days. It's not going to be a good week to be a trout.

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