January 6th, 2017

Happy New Year. Here's to more casts, and less tangles.
We are having a nice, cold as well diggers ankles type of winter. Most of you folks wouldn't even recognize this place. The freezer is full of venison, "Alot" of wild pheasants and my fly tying bench is a mess. As far as snow - we have some. We need more and even if we get it who knows what to expect! We will continue to do what we do - fish under any conditions. That's the great thing about this area as so many of you have come to realize. It's pretty rare that we can't find someplace good to chase these wild trout. That's my winter forecast.
We will be opening early this year - don't be afraid to inquire about March fishing, and get in early for April and May. Things are already starting to book up nicely.
I hope everyone stays warm this winter, and I look forward to seeing you in Montana this summer.

Our Location

Stonefly Inn & Outfitters, Dan "Rooster" Leavens

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Twin Bridges, MT 59754

Phone. 406-684-5648