"January Thaw" 1/28/2015

There are blizzards on the east coast (I just missed it by the way), and we are sitting in 50 degree weather. I'll be honest, I think I'm going to go try and catch the first brown trout of 2015 in the next couple days. Santa brought McCall a new 4 wt Scott for Christmas, what better reason than that to get outside?


With all the snow happening in the rest of the country, here is an update on what we have in the mountains here in Montana. It looks pretty good for this time of year. Remember, we get most of our snow in late Feb. and March. Certainly no reason to be worried at this point. Even though its 50 degrees out, that high country snow needs 80 to melt.....


One more trade show in North Carolina for Holly and David, and that will conclude our marketing boondoggle for the season. It's time to move on to what I refer to as the "Smell the roses" time of year. Basically, its time to start fishing again. Mexico, Forks, Alaska, Montana - I don't care where, I just need to get a fly rod in my hands soon. Seeing everyone at the trade shows was great, and by all accounts I have no reason to believe we will not have another great season. Hope you can join us. For now though - it's time for more Sombreros, Big Ass Snook and of course those black tailed devils called "Palometa".


If you're in Montana, the next week or so could be great midge fishing on our tailwaters. If you're not in Montana, make the best of it. Ice fish. Tie Flies. Drink Beer. Buy stuff. Fight Cabin Fever at all costs.

Thanks for reading!


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