High water (still) on our freestones has our fish a bit confused. The stoneflies kind of came and left without too much commotion, although we had a few good days on the upper Big Hole throwing dries. It seems now the best action is nymphing in the mornings, but as soon as we get some cloudy weather the dry fly action should take off.
The Beaverhead is still at moderate flows, around 500 cfs, and the insect life is teeming in the warmer hours of the day. At one point today, we had yellow sallies, PMD's, two colors of caddis, golden stones and craneflies not ony in the air and on the water, but in my boat. This river is going to be a mainstay for this summer - with the fish counts as high as they have ever been and the reservoir full you can count on some remarkable days on the entire strecth of the Beaverhead.
The Madison is still running off color, although a few folks are making a go of it here and there.
All the flows and high water aside - we are fishing July techniques in June water flows. If you are out doin' it yourself - dont think just because the water is up you have to fish big flies!

Remember, elephants eat peanuts.
Thanks for reading. I am going to go burn some steaks. The Alabama boys are in town this week, and it's going to be a good one!

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