Life off the grid.

It makes for a great day when you CAN'T check your email, facebook or voicemail before work. That alone is worth the trip. The days just get better when there are fresh shrimp in your Bloody Mary, your Crab McMuffin has just the right amount of hot sauce and pepper and the first hole you hike into looks like this. As a new friend told me in Petersburg - "Rooster, you guys are changing lives". Thanks Joe Princen - I thought about that all season, and watched as your words became reality not only for my guests, but for myself as well.

Another season in Alaska came to an end yesterday when we tied the Adventurous to the dock in Sitka. Steaming in, I had that eerie "I am coming home" feeling. You know - when you get a few goose bumps and start thinking of all the great memories and friends that greet you when you get there. Five weeks of 4 a.m. wake up calls with my best friend - Travis Peterson. Five weeks of devils club, jet boats, leaky waders, low tides, mink fights, spooky fish, hangovers, late nights, great music and ibuprofen. I successfully put on the "steelhead 20". Others refer to it as the "freshman 15". Call it what you want, I am going to have to do some serious cardio work before elk season. Turns out all that tide flat walking does NOT compensate for the calorie intake sustained by a steelhead guide. I guess it could be worse.

As I type this journal entry, I have quarantined myself in a hotel room in Sitka. I haven't spoke to a person other than my wife and daughters in almost 24 hours. I can feel my vocal cords regenerating. If you have fished with Travis and I, you would understand. The light at the end of the tunnel is near - Dayna and the girls fly in tomorrow for a week of Alaska Time with dad before "June in Montana" hits.... we are going to catch fish, look at bears, eat seafood and do whatever those two little blonde hurricanes want to. I can't hardly wait.

At any rate - after surfing through hundreds of images - here are a few to keep your interest before the monotonous writing of a short, bald fishing guide bores you into clicking through to a site with a discounted fly tackle - or something like that. Hope you enjoy them.

A short ways above tidewater we ran into this run.....


And then this happened.


Sean McCulloughs first fish on the swing. Not bad for a bro from Calgary.


Lovin the Blue Rabbit up there this spring.


On the way out of the bay, we spotted this nice Billy just a couple hundred yards above tidewater. Look close, he is walking behind the waterfall.


Jimmy and Ryan - brothers in-law, flat out put a hurtin on the fish, and my liver. "I reckon I wont be seein you boys for a while".....


Biker, enjoying an inflight serving of Chateau de poppe, the preferred beverage on Harris Air...


Biker, again - combining a great day of steelheading with an even better evening of king salmon fishing.


Never failing to disappoint, BVS himself finds chromers where I say there wont be one.....


An Adventurous Cocktail. Complete with local flair.....


Capt. Travis getting ready to practice a little "Fillet and Release" on a nice king from Sitka Sound.


I will have a few hundred images uploaded on my website in the next week or so. Lots of grip and grins, and a bunch of "life through the guides eye". For now I hope you enjoyed this little taste of 5 weeks in Alaska. I will be seeing some of you soon in Montana - and I am looking forward to shorts, flip flops and stoneflies on the banks.

Thanks again Trav. You are first class. Even if you are a bit stupid.


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