It's been a little hectic around here since my last entry. Running 10 boats a day, hosting dinner every night and keeping the wheels greased on this place takes up quite a bit of my time these days. My apologies to the readers for lack of content.

At any rate - it's summer. In fact it's starting to cool off the last couple days and it feels great. The water is getting a bit low, and warm in a few spots - The Lower Big Hole is closed for Drought Measures, and the Jefferson is under Hoot Owl (closed to fishing 2 pm to midnight) Restrictions. I would suspect things to remain about the same as long as the weather pattern holds. I may wear rose colored glasses, but I don't think there will be any further closures. It sounds terrible, especially if you are on your once a year trip to the Rockies - but it is not the end of the world. Drought measures are in place to protect the resource, the same one I make a living on and you are coming here to sample. The other thing to remember, the low water and hot weather are not your guides or outfitters fault. We are all working through it, and in some cases expanding our inventory of cool spots to fish. That is when the rest of our water becomes "boring". If you are bored of the upper Beaverhead, we can fish the lower Beaverhead - If the upper Big Hole (The little Canyon) doesn't suit you, how about a day in the Divide stretch? The entire Madison River is fishing as well as I have seen it in the last dozen years, and the Ruby River seems to harbor more trout than whitefish these days. There are 4 or 5 days of fishing right there - and if that's not enough, we can hit Clark Canyon Reservoir and catch some giant rainbows, or maybe, just maybe you try one of our famous Carp trips. Think you are pretty good at presenting a fly? Try Carping for a day!
Remember, we are losing light and gaining darkness every day - and that cools the rivers down and will bump up the flows after some time. If you are on the "do it yourself" program, keep an eye on the regs or ask at any flyshop for river restriction updates. And remember, keep your fish wet.

In other news......
Yes, we were burglarized. No, they didn't take our attitudes, spirit and ability to put a smile on our guests faces. All things being equal, I am not changing my life because of a few crooks. That said, you might smile pretty when you come in the shop door now, as you are on candid camera. There are a few Facebook campaigns being generated by some friends that are intended to help us financially come out of this hole. Check it out, like it, and let us know if we can send you an early Christmas present. Here is the link to the Stonefly Inn "Break In" Support page! Thanks Charles Schull!

Moving forward - we have three months of our season left, and there are going to be some great fish caught. The terrestrial game is just starting to work well enough to keep the dry on all day, and that should only get better as the bench grasses dry out and the hoppers migrate to the lush riverbanks. We have plenty of hoppers, Chubby Chernobyls and various terrestrials in stock - and as many folks have seen they are a bit hard to come by these days.

See you on the water,

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