Good friend Matt Cassel of Cliff Outdoors with a beautiful Queets River Native Steelhead.

Home on the range. Literally. That was a long drive. As I sit in the shop typing this blog entry - Willy the lab is happy to have me back, that is obvious as he wont leave me alone. It feels good though. After a 3 month guide session in the Olympic National Park - more specifically the Hoh Rainforest, I am ready for some Rocky Mountain Spring weather. Before I talk too much about steelhead - let me share a piece of sad news. Tuna, my old Chocolate Lab, that so many of you have slipped some steak bites to in the kennel - passed away on Sunday. 14 years old with a 3 year old heart and soul. As much as this news draws tears to my eyes, I can't help but reflect on the past decade of fishing and hunting with Tuna - which is short for "Tunahean" - a creek in Alaska that I caught my first steelhead on way back when. I suppose the best cure for the sorrow is to carry on the way anyone that has left us would have it. We cant stop time, but we can fill time with the best things we can conjure up. That's what would make her happy, and that's what I plan on doing. I am going to run old Willy's legs off this week while I am home. Might even catch a trout or two with him in the boat.

An ice covered, but happy labrador on a Beaverhead River Mallard hunt a few years back. Thank you Tuna, for 14 great hunting seasons.


So with that piece of sad news I returned home from a great Steelhead season to Spring in Montana. Overwhelming is an understatement. We have about a week to hit the start button on our season. Lots of spring cleaning to do, flies to put up, Simms gear to organize, and two girls that want some serious dad time. Shouldn't be a problem with my crew. I am thankful for that as I personally leave for another month of Alaskan Steelheading in about a week!

Before we start in on Montana and all the things happening here right now - it seems fit to show off a few of the great fish we tangled with over on the Olympic Peninsula this season.

Dayna made it over to the coast for a little time away - and she found one of the prettier ones we saw all season. Seems fitting don't it?


We also caught more fish than in years past on the spey rods - why, I am not sure. I am not complaining though! Especially when this one ate a black leech on the end of my switchrod at lunch!


More images and stories to come as we get out on the water here in Montana this week. For now, I am going to review our calendar and see if we need to run any specials to fill some holes this fall! Keep casting everyone....


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