If it were your 90th birthday, how would you spend it

How about with a month of fishing and a drift boat parade in Twin Bridges That's what our old buddy Reggie decided on. Complete with a steak dinner for 30 guests. If I can pull that one off when I am 90, I will do the same!

Fall in Montana is moving right along. The rivers are in excellent shape, the fish are somewhat cooperative, and life is generally pretty damn good right now.

Elk camp was a great time, as usual - although we didn't close the deal on any critters. We camped in wall tents, ate good food, and missed three elk. Call it the bent arrow syndrome. Seven straight days of climbing around the mountains, glassing elk, calling elk, taking naps (my favorite) and eating good camp food was just what the doctor ordered for me. Meanwhile, its back to day to day business around here - catching fish. Some bigger than others, some on streamers, some on dries, but for the most part avoiding the dreaded indicator fishing!

Speaking of nice fishes - here is a particulary nice specimen from the Jefferson. Bruce got in a couple of good - make that great - streamer days on the Jeff with the cloud cover earlier this week. Now he is off to chase an Antelope in Wyoming. Not a bad plan at all.

Other catches of note, and thanks as well go to Joe "The Reverend" for helping us out in the galley last month. Sure was nice having him around, and good to get him out on some of the "secret" spots. Joe has a penchant for cathcing the nice ones, and certainly didn't let us down this time!

Thanks again for reading, with hunting season right around the corner it might be a while before I sit down at the computer again! Dan "Rooster" Leavens

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