Every now and then things just work out. Personally I could use a few more of those days in a season, but like a good fish I will take them when I can get them. Such is the case with a few days last week. Carter Andrews, world renowned angler and personality had a few days on the books with me and had expressed interest in fishing the Salmonfly Hatch on the Big Hole River, like so many others, has tried before but his timing was off. In fact, he tried to move his reservation to continue chasing smallmouth in Idaho


Carters timing was spot on, with the hatch being in full swing through the canyon stretch of the river. When Carter walked in the shop I was getting creative on the vise and we hit it off instantly. A few too many Moscow Mules and a good steak dinner in The Roost and I told Carter and Heidi to get to bed. We are leaving early and I need you rested. These fish around here like to eat breakfast early and we are going to be there when breakfast is served. After a foggy drive over the high road - one I haven't seen in 10 years we got the boat in the river and I was treated to something that does not happen to me often enough. A husband and wife combo that rigged their own gear properly and had their own flies - good ones. I am not talking I bought these in Jackson Hole last year, what do you think of these types of flies. But instead all custom tied secret stuff that these trout had clearly not seen. We pulled out from the get-in with a shred of doubt noticed by yours truly I could see what they were thinking. Man we are hungover. Its cold. There are no salmonflies around here wouldn't we see some Who in the hell does Rooster think we are? Isn't Montana Flyfishing supposed to be sunny and warm Where are the other anglers

Well folks, the fish showed up for breakfast. Big time. And lunch. And dinner. For three days in a row. Lots of bites, lots of misses, lots of hooked fish. Three days later when we parted ways Carter gave me a big old bear hug and as sincere of a thank you as I have received in a while. I got a hug from his hot wife as well. By the way, I am pretty sure Heidi outfished him in the end

Here are a couple of the nicer Browns from last week



Looks like Carter will be back in October to meet up with a few new friends he met here at the lodge last week Steve Barker being one of them. Life is good in the lodge business with guests like Carter, Heidi and Steve

Steve got in on a pretty hot bite as well a couple days ago - on a random trip to the Madison to See something different Wow. Catching them like we were on Noahs Ark - two at a time. Thanks for everything Steve, see you this fall


That's the update from Twin Bridges More Salmonflies on the Madison for the next week some good cloudy weather on us now and plenty of options. See you on the water


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