I know. Pretty weak blogging coming out of the Stonefly these past few months. I offer no apologies, as I firmly believe that blogging about nothing, or simply re-posting someone elses intel does not qualify as interesting reading. Enough of that nonsense however. Since its March, and we are back on the water both in Montana and Washington - our online presence will start to rejuvenate itself starting now. Now that we have something to talk about that is.
I am currently sitting out some December weather in March here in Forks, Washington. We are smack dab in the middle of the winter steelhead run, and there are plenty of fish this season. I will be the first to tell you that buying stock in a handwarmer company last month might have been a good idea. I am all for winter fishing - after all I move out here and subject myself to these fish and the elements year after year, but damn. Enough of the snow and hail already....... That said, we sure are seeing some great fish to the fly this season. Both swinging and nymphing are producing some larger than average steelhead for those that are toughing out the weather. Matt and Dylan got a taste of some lower Hoh River Steelhead last week, and although their "hook to land ratio" could have been improved, they still got the job done! Thanks guys.


We even got a couple fish to eat the Prom Dress at lunch that day....


Just prior to moving to Forks, we finished up our 7th annual Hosted Trip to Playa Blanca Lodge, in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. This years trip was nothing short of what we have come to expect. Plenty of good food, cold rum drinks, lots of laughs and some great fish to the fly! And winner of the weeks "coolest photo" contest is Tyler with a nice sized Permit and a SWEET hat!


Hunter Parks came through with a Grand Slam on the last day of the trip, keeping our streak alive. Pretty sure the snook he got into on day 3 with Jorge might trump the Grand Slam though. I am glad I was there to watch that action!!


Next years Mexico trip will be the first two weeks in February - two trips, with room for 12 anglers on each trip. At this point it looks like each week has room for around 6 more guests. If you are interested, please let us know and Holly or I will fill you in on more of the details.

Thats about it for now - word around Montana is that a bit of early spring weather is making for some great fishing. Are you getting in on some of that action? If so, shoot us an email and tell us about it!

Keep Casting,

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