Every now and then things just work out in the guiding world. Weather, water, fish, guests, flies - there are alot of variables to make the pie complete. When it does come together, it's pretty remarkable and a great feeling to be part of it.

Now add a daughter. Not just any daughter - but your own. The one person you really want to embrace our sport. You are careful not to push flyfishing on her (alright - maybe I do push a bit) but you watch with open eyes as she learns to cast, mend, twitch the fly. A few missed hooksets and a few more "that got away"... and you can see the fire starting to kindle down deep. Now that, my friends, is a good feeling. Now the only thing you want is one of those damned trout to stay hooked long enough to slide the net under him. And let me tell you when that does happen - alot of people are going to know about it. I am pretty sure everyone on the Big Hole River the other day heard us hollering.

So here are a few photos from the best Fathers Day ever - even if it was a few days early.... 'round about hte time the stoneflies hatched.


First we got the netting down, and learned how to properly hold a fish for mom.


And then we started getting our hookset down.....


But those trout are pretty sneaky when you have a fly in their mouth - and dont always cooperate. In fact lots get away.... not sure where this response came from.


But a few more of these started falling into the river - and fishing got pretty good there for a while.


And then it happened. A nice Big Hole River Brown trout had eaten so many stoneflies he was too fat to fight. Literally. And he ate the wrong one - McCalls.


I hope to have the chance to do this again with my youngest daughter in a few years - but in the meantime I am pretty sure I have a new fishing buddy. Remember - we dont charge for kids in these parts, so bring 'em with you! You wont regret it!

See you on the water,


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