3 days, 2 rivers, a private jet and a 35 knot storm right in the middle of the whole show. Nothing is out of the question on the Adventurous. If anyone can get you near a remote steelhead river it is Travis and the crew of the Adventurous. Like so many other days on the water, sometimes it seems like things are coming together "a bit slow", but then in the end that isn't the case at all. So it is with most days of steelheading, even in Southeast Alaska. Water conditions and weather changes can dictate whether or not you are successful, but in order to be successful, you need to be standing there, in the river, with the right gear tied on, and most of all not screw up rule #1 - which is don't screw up. All this sounds pretty good, and almost simple. Throw in a big storm, rising rivers, customers that need to get in and get out before you can even shake of the first nights hangover - and you have yourself a challenge. That's what keeps this game interesting. All those factors and the fish that we chase. Every now and then a cold beer with your old fishing buddies makes it all worth it as well. Did I mention the fish?


These Alaskan Steelhead are great. As some have heard me talk about in the Roost - this is primarily a sight fishery. Nothing beats watching how fish react to flies. There is no better playing field. Big fish, fresh fish, lots of fish - they all act differently in different kinds of water. It's really special to have these fish and the water they swim in all to yourself for a few days. There are very few secrets left in life - but this is one of them. If you want to know where these fish live - you are going to have to sign up and get on the Adventurous next season. We will force good food down your throat and make you cast over and over to tackle busting steelhead, and then you will probably have to drink too much again. Rinse and repeat - for 6 days. Life is good.


Just before heading north last week - I was fortunate enough to compete in the Simms 2013 Shoot Out with the boys from Montana Wild. Travis and Zack Boughton out of Missoula are pretty handy with their cameras - and in the end we won the competition with this 6 minute video - have a look. And Yes - I can bring you to that bridge. Can you make the cast?

Montana Wild - 2013 Shoot Out Submission

Travis and Zach Boughton of Montana Wild travel to Twin Bridges, MT with Simms Guide Ambassador Dan "Rooster" Leavens in this 2013 Shoot Out Film Competition submission.

Thanks for reading -

See you on the water. Rooster

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