Yes, it's raining in Forks again - and I am not fishing, again. A few rain outs are welcome each steelhead season, but enough is enough. The rivers are holding at that "just barely fishable" level and it's starting to wear on me a bit. The big water conditions have changed the way we do things out here a bit, and lord knows we love learning new tricks. We have seen more fish to the swung fly this season than in years past, that is for sure. Is it the water levels, or is it the new bugs? Prom Dresses, Lane Bryants, Dorothy's Slippers - great names for even greater bugs. It never hurts to be friends with the likes of Willauer, Tyler, Brazda and Jimmy, that is for sure. Those of you that have fished out here know exactly what I am talking about.

And then there was last Monday. In the course of 30 minutes there were speeding tickets, mirrors ripped off the side of pickups (mine), and blown up spey rods (on fish). Sometimes you just have to pack it up, and start over. Which is what we did - and even with the 7 years of bad luck hanging over my shoulder, we still pulled off a great afternoon of steelheading! Althoguh this fish of Solomon's wasnt caught on that Monday, we have been seeing more and more of these big fish lately - and some even make it to the net, which is really nice. Just a couple more weeks and it's time to head back to the homeland and get The Stonefly ready for the season..And then there were 2. Two girls for Rooster. On Feb.12th, Dayna gave birth to the next generation of Leavens's - Cady Leavens. McCall sure is enamored with her. Thanks to everyone that checked in on us - and for the ungodly amount of packages sent to Twin Bridges. We should be set on clothes for quite some time! If we can keep the big sister from breaking her in half, we should be in good shape!.

I was also quite happy to see my guides (or one of them at least) prepping for the coming season in Montana. You cant ever learn enough they say - and that is what Brett Seng is trying to accomplish. More knowledge. We are all nervous and anxously awaiting the new tricks and techniques Brett has learned in his world travels. Is Brett trying to climb the ladder of heirarchy in our guide staff? Or simply trying to improve on the "15 minute knot"? I guess we will find out soon.

For now it's time to make sure the Forks Thrifty Mart has the donuts on the shelf, time to check the color of the Bogy, and take Willie for a game of fetch. More later from Forks - thanks for reading. Rooster.

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