Some days just go down in the books. If I told you how many big fish we saw this day, you wouldn't believe me. Heck, I barley believed it while it was happening. While life isnt ALL about big fish - lets face it - we all love to see that big orange belly, the oversized fins, the dinasaur mouth. Once a summer is about the norm. A couple in a summer is great. Several in a day - well, lets just say Jay Oneil is going to have to take up a different sport to achieve this level again.

Where was it you ask? Well, on a creek in Montana. Thats about all you will get out of me. I blindfolded Jay for the drive. You can call it Notellum Creek, Secret Creek, Nunya Creek, Jurassic Creek, or simply know that this can happen about anywhere in Montana. You cant plan on it, but when it happens have your camera ready!

Its that time of year that the Browns are on the prowl. Eating big meals once or twice a day. Time to really work the good water and make sure you check your knots if you hit the grass behind you. These big fish wont let a mistake like that go un-noticed!

Water levels are higher than ever, and causing quite a stir with the bug life.

This will be the year the hoppers never happened - but that is not all bad news. The fish still have to eat. We are fishing more crayfish imitations than ever, and some of them are working pretty well. Its sure not dry fly fishing, but it's damn fun. Most of our crowds are waning, the elk are bugling, and the bite of fall can be felt in the morning air.

In other news, the good doctor showed us some photos of McCalls little (brother) the other day. Looks like 10 fingers and 10 toes to me! Any bets on boy or girl? We might have to start a pool. Thanks again for all the emails and comments - keep 'em coming. We have a good month and half left in the season - and some of the best fishing of the year right around the corner.

Thanks for reading, Rooster.

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