Just returned from Mexico to some marginal water conditions out here on the coast. From the sounds of it there are plenty of steelhead around, but with record rains it's a bit tough to get your fly to them! I look for things to improve as the NOAA forecast shows favorable temperatures later in the week - so for now its time to reflect on one hell of a week of fishing in Mexico last week. Thanks to KT, Biker, Greg and the gang from the UK for a great week full of laughs!

There is no question that the highlight of the trip for me was on the first day, when K.T. the "Corn Farmer from Iowa" went ahead and landed his first ever permit, to complete a grand slam!

The permit came late in the day (we could see the boat launch), during a rain squall. Fact is, he "batted clean up" on a pod of fish that I had personally farmed a fish out of. The overcast and chop on the water really had them feeding - I would give about anything to have those 30 minutes back!

Earlier in the day, KT landed a nice snook and plenty of bonefish on the flats of Espiritu Santu bay - and by all requirements of the IGFA he will be "in the book" with a fly caught grand slam. He even ate the scorpion(s) later that night to consumate the deal!

There were ample opportunities at permit, bones, tarpon and snook all week long - and as with any destination fishery, the weather dictated where and when we could fish each day.

Some of the better "action days" actually came from the Santa Rosa Lagoon system - which sits in the massive mangrove delta to the west of the lodge. The numbers of snook and baby tarpon that call Santa Rosa home is simply mind boggling. Given the fact that not all of them eat the fly, and lots of flies get thrown in the "Mangles" - you still can bet on several hookups on larger-than-average snook and some damn fine tarpon each day! In one instance, myself, Biker, and our guide Jorge had a TRIPLE on 20 pound class snook!!

The permit fishing was a little tougher than I have seen it in years past - mostly because I have apparently forgotten how to set a hook. I wont go into the details, as the tears may fall on my keyboard and ruin this laptop. It all came together on the last day however and I got a couple hooks to stick when it counted. This is far from the largest permit we saw all week - but I will take it!

So once again I am starting the process of recooperating from a week in the tropics. Nothing like a few steelhead to get the blood flowing again. We haven't set the dates for next years trip to Mexico yet next season - but I am thinking two weeks worth. It's not to early to get on the list!

More later from Forks, the steelhead capital of the world!! Rooster.

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