roll the dice and fish or not. Sometimes your guests are up for it, sometimes they are not.
Well, Hunter and KT were up for it - so I rounded up my head explorer (Tyler) and we went on a bit of a road trip. Throw in a little road construction, some badass breakfast burritos and some Outlaw Country on the stereo and you have yourself a hell of a road trip. A four hour one to be exact.
Mosquitos of biblical proportions were there to greet us. Lower water than our intel conveyed was a bit of a let-down. No hopppers. None at all. To top it all off, blew out the rear end of my mountain khakis while tying my shoes (Maybe I should lay off the breakfast burritos). So, needless to say the morale of the crew improved a bit while they watched me try and duct tape my pants and swat mosquitos at the same time.
It took a little while for us to find the zone, but we found it. Stripping various buggers through some of the deeper holes started drawing some attention, but the fish were seemingly put off. Perhaps it was the bright sun. It couldn't have been KT's laser beam casting.
And then it got cloudy. They threw the switch. They started eating, and eating with vindiction. Fish on. Thank god, since this whole thing was my idea.
Way to go Hunter - not a bad fish to open with.

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