Remember the photo of Dayna, my now pregnant and not going to Mexico so she is a bit jealous wife? Sure you do. It looks alot like this...

Well, after this photo appeared in The Drake this fall, (on page six chicks) - yup, I sent my wifes photo to page six chicks - there were some questions directed towards my skills at post-processing pictures. "Photo-shopping". Why people cant just simply call you a "liar", I am not sure. Rest assured - I aint lyin' - and it aint photoshopped. That is a big snook. As big as they make them. How big? I dont know, and wasn't about to make ceviche out of it to weigh it and go for the ladies IGFA all tackle snook record. Way too cool of a fish to not let it go. In my world anyways.

So almost a year later, I see a back issue of Catch Magazine, and there is the snook spot. Not only the spot, but I am pretty sure the same point. It's a great feeling knowing that we left that place as we found it that day. Maybe a few scarred up snook mouths, but mostly like we found it.

At any rate, scroll through the pages of Catch, until you see this video from Todd Moen - T-Motion. Brian Okeefe is yet again catching some huge fish in a really cool spot. Hope you enjoy it! By the way - I have a couple openings on our return trip to Playa Blanca Lodge in March!

Thanks for reading -


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