A few common questions we hear throughout the season are "How in the heck did you learn to cast like that"? "How did you know to throw it there"? "Why did you keep the boat on this side of the river"? Well, here is a great opportunity to gain some insight into what goes through a flyfishing guides brain.
Consider this - you are fishing with not only one, but two guides - they are bantering back an forth about where, what and how - you are watching first hand how to get the right drifts, tie the right knots and how to fight and land those fish. There are some tricks, some subtleties and techniques that are very hard to verbally convey during a guide day - things that are often better learned through visual stimulation as opposed to verbal.
Take advantage of this program and come improve your drift!

Best of all, the old saying of "If you don't row, you don't go" doesn't apply here!

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