What a great couple days up on the Missouri with Chuck and Harry. Even with flows increasing hourly, the fish cooperated nicely. Some runs were a little dissapointing, and others were mind boggling. The fish were keyed in on various scuds and annalids (fancy word for worms), and Harry and Chuck stayed in the game when it mattered. You could sure tell the rest of the state is struggling in the water department, as the evening crowd at Isaak's was comprised of some of the better guides and outfitters in the state of Montana. It was good to have an opportunity to blow the froth off a couple beers with Joe Cummings, John Arnold from Headhunters (of course he was there, he lives there), Tim Linehan and a few others. Let me tell you what, those Headhunter boys are putting on THE SHOW in Craig Montana. Thanks for your hospitality guys.
Back here in Twin now, the reports are coming in strong from both the Beaverhead and the Big Hole..... someone say something about stoneflies
Stay tuned! Things are getting ready to get pretty interesting around here.

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