Well, finally - when someone on the streets asks me "Git yer elk yet?" I can reply - "Yup, how 'bout you?". Thanks to Tyler, Nick, Kyle, Vinny and a few others for making my 40th birthday one to remember!

hunting - or any hunting - location seems to be as important as anything. Because of our busy schedule this season - I went through Vinny Delgado at Montana Hunt and Fish Company and booked a self guided hunt on some ground up north. I plan on doing this every season from here on out. If you are thinking of booking a Montana elk hunt, there are only a few outfitters I can reccomend, and he is one of em. Thanks again Vinny.
Now that elk season is over (it lasted 3 days), it's time to catch some of these hopper eatin' fish around here. It's a bit later than we planned on, but the last week or two has been pretty remarkable hopper fishing, and it seems to be getting better every day. Morrish's, Chubby's, Sweetgrass Hoppers, anything that floats basically. They all work. Concentrate on the presentation and location, as they mean a whole lot more than what fly is tied on the end of your string. No reason to head out too early either, the fall mornings seem to be here to stay and we will take it!
Here are a couple nice fish from the last week or so....
Mike and Tony with a dandy from the Beaverhead.

wife on her 40th birthday - remember the "Road Trip" post from a month or so ago?

ahead of us. Guests from the Puget Sound Fly shop are on their way next week, and in early October, Mike Shultz and his group of Michigan anglers will be here wearin' 'em out.
A little over a month to go in our "regular" season - bring it on.
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