Those that make things happen, and those that wonder what just happened. Hats off to Ian, Rance and Travis for this idea. Rowing for a cure, all over Big Sky Country. You will see this boat here at some point in August - and if you fish in it with me - it'll be a buck a fish in the donation box. Thats for the ones landed. Five bucks a fish for the ones that get away. Great job guys. In this case, I am still wondering what just happened.

Fishing is getting pretty interesting around here - the fish are starting to look up more than down and afternoon thunderstorms are bringing in some much needed cloud cover.

The Big Hole is still at higher than average flows, the Beaverhead is pretty high, but very fishable, and the Madison is fishing well, despite all the reports. Fishing, and the techniques are still a day-to-day and river-to-river judgement call, but the usual suspects are producing nicely.

As for the banner hopper year, well it better hurry up - it'll frost in about a month!

More later, Rooster.

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