Don't get me wrong, the Big Hole is still huge (5950 cfs as of today) - but the water has great visibility, and the certain zones of the river were loaded with adult stoneflies yesterday -big ones, little ones, orange ones, yellow ones and there were a few mayflies thrown in to boot. One of the first true "dry fly days" I have seen so far this season.

In the next week, I expect the good old Big Hole to fish really well - both on top and subsurface. Bring on the crowds, the lund boats from Butte, and the hoards of anglers looking for the big dry fly eat. If I could offer ONE piece of advice, PLEASE be cautious, as the river is extremely high and fast right now. The visibility is great, but there have been a couple accidents already this season, both on the Big Hole and the unfortunate accident on Rock Creek - and none of us want to see any others. Wear your life jackets, dont anchor in fast water, and be thinking a few minutes ahead at all times. Keep those things in mind and we will all have a better season!

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