Well, after three months of steelheading it's back home for me. Nothing like a little muddy water to get you fired up about trout fishing. I guess it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Later this summer we will be thankful for all the precip during the winter that just wont end. For now, it's time to get the skiff ready, stock the flyshop, finish up some spring projects and reflect on three of the greatest weeks of steelhead fishing I have ever seen.

Like any other spectacular destination fishery, it's next to impossible to capture the inherent beauty of the glaciers, rivers, ocean, mountains and of course the fish - with a still camera. Rather than give you a 500 photo documentary, here are a few of the highlights. The only thing I can say to those of you that made the trips possible, is thanks. Alot. For those of you that didnt make it - you should have.

We started out with a little high altitude scouting, before moving the boat in.

A welcome change from busy boat ramps - no boats and trailers here.

Isn't it great when a hunch pays off? Great fish Greg!

Turns out there were more than just one near those logjams! It's been a while since I have landed a triple!

Moving the jetboats in and out of the tidal waters sometimes requires a little landscaping.

Through the course of the trips - everyone hooked plenty of fish, faught plenty, lost some, landed some, and ate very well. Here are a couple of the nicer fish!

And what would a trip be without someone needing sutures

And sometime down the road, we will have some more images from Brian Grossenbacher - here he is on location, getting it done.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the new layout, and keep an eye out for some contributions by the guides here at The Stonefly!

Until next time - keep casting. He will eat it eventually - just ask Jimmy Kloote.....

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