climbing on our porch (they would probably know better in these parts), we do still have some bigger than normal water for this time of year. One thing is for certain though - it's not too big to fish!

The Big Bugs are Here. The fish are eating them in certain spots, and the subsurface fishing is just about as good as it gets. They hit the Big Hole yesterday in countable numbers, and today there were even more. Get up, go early, stay late, but dont miss it. I sort of think this hatch might actually mean that summer is finally here. It's starting to get pretty warm, but not blistering hot. Only time will tell what the remaining snowpack will do - certainly affect our riverflows some, but I for one have just flat out quit worrying about it. We have been on the river every day for the past 6 days, and the only thing I keep hearing from the boys is "Boy did Joe make a mistake moving his dates".....

See you on the river - Roost.

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