Our newly designed, high tech, up to date blog platform is finally live. This should help us with more posts, more photos, and more info to "keep you in the new".We certainly appreciate, and encourage everyones comments - so keep it up!

Check out the rest of the new site as well, and feel free to let me know if you find some "dead links" - as my winter gig as a web developer certainly isn't what puts food on the table. Be sure and check back often, and subscribe to our updates as well.

So what's going on in Twin Bridges these days? Let's just say it has been a great year. I was lucky enough to fill all of my tags with elk, antelope and mule deer - and now the waterfowl season is starting to crank up. When I haven't been working on this new website - I have been finding a few wily old Rooster Pheasants around the valley. Between my bird dog Willy and my "new" Sweet 16 - it's not a good year to be a pheasant!


This winter has already proven to be a busy "off season" - with a Redfish trip to New Orleans, several backcountry hunts, and a trip to South Dakota next week. Boy, my wife is something! It does look like winter is about to set in, and we need it. Currently there is hardly any snow in the mountains, but I am sure it's coming.

Next thing you know, it'll be June and we will be wishing for the snow to melt!

Thanks for stopping in, catch you later.


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