Winter in Montana

Happy New Year to each and every one of you readers that cuss me for not updating this report more often. Yes, I know. Ill try and get better about it. Always remember, we are a phone call away if you really want a report. The Rooster Phone report tends to be a bit different than what I type for the world wide web.

"Hows next summer looking?" you ask - well we are having winter. A lot of it. I've never seen this much low country snow stick around for this long in the valley. Although its early to cast any real forecasts - I'll go out on a limb and say this will be a good to great summer. Remember, really high water years can be tough. I think we are looking real good for somewhat of a "normal water year". Whatever that is. I guess that's why we love it here. No two years are the same.

This week starts the annual Trade show, Mexico, steelhead pilgrimage, so if you are looking to visit with me, please email me at or just give Holly a call in the shop. She always knows where to find me.

Ill see a few of you in Somerset, NJ at the Flyfishing Show, and a few of you in Mexico, and a few more in Washington and Alaska. If you're not on that list - maybe I'll see you on the river in Montana this summer.

Be well and keep casting.


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