is that there is going to be a serious problem with Grasshoppers in the Rocky Mountains this summer. A little internet surfing produced a plethora of reading on the subject. Check out these links for the internet truths..... HOPPER WARNINGS And another one.... More on the subject from the Wall Street Journal. Although right now it seems the fish will NEVER key in on hoppers, they never really do until the END of July. I know it wasn't me that told any of you that nonsense.... For now we will keep tying them on in the afternoons, looking on that good old hopper bank for an eager fish to inhale the foam. It has happened already. Not with any consitancy though. Certain banks, certain patterns, certain fish. Maybe just one. In a couple weeks, that will change. We will shift from "Dawn Patrols" to "Hopper Floats". In the meantime - trust your guide. Nymph up. Go early. Come home and take a nap. Then go out again in the evening. Its a good recipe - proven results cant be argued with. This seasons higher than normal flows are creating some exceptional water conditions, however EVERY SINGLE hatch we fish has been two weeks late. Will the "Chernobyl Hatch" be late too Yes is my call.

Meanwhile - fish the proven techniques, in proven areas, and be happy with a few nice ones, or a ton of little ones. There have been some great fish caught in the last week - despite what you may have been "hearing from your buddy".

With the MO still at less than perfect "Dry Fly Flows", the Beaverhead bumping daily, The Big Hole at a very WHITE level, The Madison Crowded - but fishing well by the way, The Ruby a dark shade of Chocolate, and The Jeff just not quite right - and the cotton pickin' sun blaring all day - it's time to get creative. Stick with what you know works, and dont use anything with a beadhead. That has been our mantra.

Or - go try for some exotics....... you might like it! Clark Canyon Reservoir is loaded with these rascals - and they aint easy. If you like challenging targets, like to throw a long line, and like to see your backing - give it a shot. You might even throw at the wrong fish and hook the biggest rainbow of your life.

Thats about it folks. We are in the heat of the battle right now. Farmers tans and all.

See you when you get here - Rooster.

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