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Why a hosted trip?

a quick word about that

One thing is certain when traveling with Rooster to distant, remote, far flung adventure fishing locations, and that is a GREAT time! The fishing will be incredible as well because Rooster works with the best in the business to secure peak slots to make the entire experience all it can possibly be. Dan has the uncanny ability to assemble great groups of fellow travelers that not only enhance the experience, but become lifelong friends you want to fish with again and again. Dan's background, extensive travel and outdoor experience provide the confidence of knowing you are with someone who has been there and done that and knows how to deal with anything from patching your waders to patching your boat. When the adventure starts, you want to be on Rooster's team.

 - M. Pepper  




Providence Atoll, Seychelles

Not for the faint of heart



Having just returned from my second trip to the Seychelles with Flycastaway - I can tell you that it is not "LIKE" stepping back in time - it is. The flats, the fishery, the environs are simply the wildest on the planet. You can expect lots of bent rods, a suntan, and species you have never dreamt of eating your fly.


playa Blanca, Mexico

unmatched flats fishing

FEB 10-17 (2 rods left)

FEB 17-24 (SOLD OUT)

This marks our 12th year of working with the good folks at - hosting groups every February for multiple species on the fly. Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, and monster snook are all very attainable. The food, camaraderie, guiding and the weather are all simply top shelf. 

It is for this reason the lodge has very limited openings each season. 


Southeast Alaska


APRIL 15 - MAY 15 2018

Join Rooster and Captain Travis Peterson on the "Adventurous". As seen in the Confluence film "Waypoints" we explore and fish dozens of rivers in Southeast Alaska in search of Steelhead. Trips are 6 nights and 6 days and there is very limited availability. If you are interested, please contact Rooster and get on the list!


New Orleans, Lousiana

redfish on the fly

January 2018 - Dates TBD

Staying and fishing with Captains Nick Sassic and Scott Macalla - we enjoy cajun down home cookin, tailing reds, and plenty of laughs. I'll have dates set for two groups of 3 anglers shortly.


I have been on more hosted fishing trips with Rooster than I can remember.

Our pursuits have taken us all over the world. Without exception ,every trip has been an experience to remember.

Dan is an excellent host. He is accommodating, thoughtful, and professional.

His motivation is ALWAYS to provide the most enjoyable experience for his client.

His enthusiasm and passion for both people and the outdoors is truly remarkable.

His personality, energy and whit add significantly to the overall experience both on and off the water.

I will go ANYWHERE with Rooster.

When I hear of a trip.....

First I say YES!

Sometime later I ask Where we goin?

Life is short.....

Go on a hosted trip with Rooster.

It will enrich your life. 

- J. Kloote

Hosted Flyfishing Travel with Rooster and The Stonefly

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