A Montana 4th….

What 4th of July would be complete without a pile of kids, a bigger pile of fireworks, and a cooler of cold ones near the campfire? Throw in a little high mountain lake fishing with McCall earlier in the day and I would say it's a wrap! Boy did we have some fun - McCall taught us all a lesson with a scotch double (two fish on one cast) on fat cutthroats early in the game.

Most of the higher elevation lakes are now open and fishing quite well - pick a warm day, grab your hiking boots and a lunch and take advantage of it!

It's easy to be overwhelmed with the vast variety of river fishing we have around here - but at times it's nice to see some different water, and fish. The stillwater fishing in the High Country is probably the most untouched recourse we have in Southwest Montana. Some locations are easily reached - good luck getting someone to tell you where those are though! We actually let McCall pick this one on a map - and it worked out well with a short 4 wheeler ride up a Forest Service Road.



 As far as the actual party - there was no shortage of ordinance to display! Ian won best in show with "Parachute Army Man Rockets" that got all the kids attention! Thanks to Greg Fay, the host and the head drink mixer. Good to see everyone as usual.








The kids grabbed a seat on the log pile and got an eyeful as all the "grownups" (I use that term VERY loosely) lit off their favorite imported fireworks over the Ruby River. A couple light days in the flyshop, with only a couple boats on the water have made for a nice break after the June rush. July promises to be a great pre-empt to some solid Montana Hopper Fishin' later this month! All of our rivers have started a gradual cascade down to more manageable flows - with the Big Hole certainly being the highlight. Boy do those fish get hungry when the water flows are up!

It shouldn't be too much longer and our drive times will be shortened up as the Jefferson drops into fishable shape - maybe in a couple weeks???


Thanks for stopping by - Rooster

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