Simple things….

Sometimes it is easier to show someone how to cast than to explain it. Often times a visual of a tuck cast will go further into the grey matter than a verbal explanation. So how do you remedy the simple things? Leave it to old Jeff Brazda - the king of keeping it simple. He has marked his leglocks accordingly, of course with one of his many sharpie pens. This could be the all time solution to scenarios like the following.......

"Let's go to the left now guys.." - and one guy goes left, the other goes right, resulting in the inevitable - a complete re-rig. The kind where you might need to be close to a flyshop to buy more gear....

It is starting to fish a bit more like summer out here these days. More and more fish each day are eating attractor dry flies. We should have a great rest of August!

Thanks for reading - and dont forget - Left is the same in a drift boat as when you are putting on your shoes.


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  1. larry
    I thought the response was "the other left" Leaving soon and we are ready for Twin

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