Jim Klug (2)We’ve worked with Rooster and the Stonefly Inn from the moment they opened their doors. We love this operation and we’re proud to offer it to our clients as a fantastic Montana operation and one of the most authentic and legitimate fishing programs in the entire U.S. West.  If you want a fantastic Montana experience in the heart of the greatest trout fishing country in the country, then Stonefly Inn is the perfect base camp.


Jim Klug, Director of Operations

carter1Whether you are hanging out with the boys or bringing your lady, The Stonefly is one of the great lodges of Montana. The food, hospitality and atmosphere makes you feel like you are at home. Rooster and his guides consistently put us on the fish in some of the best water that Southwest Montana has to offer. This might have been our first trip to The Stonefly, but it will not be the last!

Carter Andrews, Global Fishing Personality

greg-fayI have known Rooster for several years and have spent many great evenings enjoying great food, gracious hospitality and good banter around the table at The Stonefly Inn. I have fished with Rooster and several of his guides and have had fantastic days and been extremely impressed with each of the guides I have angled with. They are both fun to be with and very knowledgeable. I have also referred several clients to Rooster and The Stonefly Inn and each has become a very happy, repeat customer. I often tell people who are contemplating buying a lodge that it will be a short term venture unless they have the "host gene".  Some people have it and consistently provide a top notch experience, most people do not. Rooster has it.

Greg Fay, Owner, Fay Ranches

grossenbacher_fmtAfter 18 years of guiding in Montana I am convinced that the Stonefly Inn provides the best fly fishing experience in the State. Period.  Sure, there are fancier lodges out there, but there is no amount of money in the world that can match the genuine moments, friendship, laughs and quality fishing that you will experience during your stay at The Stonefly Inn. Simply put, Dan is one of the great outfitters in our industry, and I know a lot of them. There are some that are funny, some that are fishy, some that are organized and even some that are motivated. Dan is that rare individual that has the whole package. The atmosphere he has created at the Stonefly is so palpable and genuine that you will find yourself smiling years down the road. Put it on your bucket list.

Brian Grossenbacher, Montana Outfitter and Professional Photographer